Maintenance Request

For any repairs or maintenance work, please don't hesitate to contact your Property Manager at First National Real Estate or file an enquiry through the following maintenance request form. When completing the form, a detailed description of the repairs required would be greatly appreciated.

See Below for Emergency Contacts:

Electrical Issue

  • Company :First Electrical  
  • Contact Number: 0415111122  
  • Contact Name: Rob

Plumbing Issue:

  • Company : Charm Plumbing
  • Contact Number: 0402875909  
  • Contact Name: Tarek


  • Company : Upright Property Maintenance
  • Contact Number: 0449033030  
  • Contact Name: Mahmound


  • Company : Double Diamond Maintenance  
  • Contact Number: 0412210995 
  • Contact Name: khoder

Pest Issue:

  • Company : Boundary Pest Control
  • Contact Number: 0404441114
  • Contact Name: Imad

Please complete the form below and we will be in touch shortly