Our Services

Property Management & Residential, Commercial and Industrial Leasing

The Property Management team combines two qualities critical to success: impeccable qualifications and a thorough knowledge of the property market. With a strong client focus, the advice you receive from us is tailored to your individual circumstances. Unlike many other agencies, a low ratio is kept between properties and Property Managers and your Property Manager is always personally involved in all of your dealings. You can be confident your property will receive the attention and care it needs to maximise performance. We also have a dedicated leasing coordinator whose specific role is to handle prospective tenant enquiries. This enables a prompt result to leasing your property.

Real Estate Sale and Auction

The sales division specialise in the sale and marketing of homes and investments. For many people, buying or selling property can be stressful and confusing. The team at First National Latash Properties offer advice and guidance to help you obtain your desired result. They understand the marketplace, the buyers, sellers, neighbourhoods and the properties. Through the local market expertise and network of advisors, valuers and researchers, First National Latash Properties has the capability to recommend a sale price for your property which reflects the current market. Up-to- date information regarding prices, financing, marketing and the current property market are provided to you on request. With accurate advice and guidance, you will be able to objectively evaluate your sale price and buyer offers.